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World Wide Billing via mobile premium, credit card or paypall is our DNA. Since Nov 2011: 62 million mobile billing moments on 7 million mobile downloads via our own mobile content platform in more than 50 countries


Free to play needs monetization! We created the thumbr platform to monetize on more than just item sales or advertisement, we created our Average Revenu Per User Pie. Our freemium game War2Glory is played by 3.5 million gamers in 7 countries

games & entertainment

More than 10.000 mobile games & entertainment in our own Digital Warehouse, for a variety of mobile handsets across multiple platforms

More than 9 million customers play our games and consume our mobile entertainment

multi platform

Find us in the appstores, mobile internet or the worldwide web

socially connected

  • It’s social: play & share with friends
  • It’s free & fun to play
  • Multiplayer, premium and leaderboards
  • Our Advertising materials get millions of unique visitors per day worldwide
  • Potential reach of 2 billion customers in more then 50 markets to monetize
  • 40% of our consumers is male and 60% is female